Styles & Options

Classic Mood

Classical portraiture has its’ heart rooted in the lighting of the Renaissance art masters. Soft light is gently placed to the side of the executives to produce a subtle, traditional portrait style. An all-purpose solution ideal for annual financial reports, social networking profiles, press releases, general media images and websites.

Office & Environment

Capturing an executive in their office, industrial or commercial setting tells a corporate story and hints at a hard-working team dedicated to serving their company and industry. Ideal for annual financial reports, company brochures and pamphlets. They are extremely desirable for press releases and illustrating magazine articles.

Bright on White

The ever popular “blown out” white background is loved by graphic designers and web developers alike due to the image’s easy integration into most projects. These images also tend to give a more contemporary, modern feel. All-purpose portraits ideal for annual financial reports, social networking profiles and websites.

Subtle Fairy Dust

Let’s just accept that none of us are perfect. We could all do with a few less wrinkles, cleaner skin and perhaps a diet of carrots and cauliflower for a month or two.

Not to worry, because as an added option we can scatter some photo fairy dust around, smooth out that skin and gently sculpt a model’s features with fabulous results. While Tinkerbell would be impressed, it’s a bit of a trade secret. So maybe we can just keep this between us, okay?